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I am creating some images using the canvas. I would like to be able to draw text in given rect (i.e. offset x, offset y, width and height) on a canvas and that text to be as large as possible without overflowing and if possible, with word wrapping. Is it possible?

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It's possible.

  1. no-wrapping: You can use CanvasRenderingContext2D.measureText() method, which accepts a string, and returns a object { width: float }. You have to find out the height by doing some math using font's size. Then just enumerate the font sizes in a binary search way. soon you will find the best size for the canvas.

  2. wrapping: You have to find out the wrapping point in the string and calculate their width and height you self.

but there is a better easier way to do this.

create a hidden(visibility: hidden not display: none) div, defines its width, and put your text inside. enumerates font's size, and check if it overflows or grows too high.

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The hidden div is a really nice trick! –  konikos May 16 '12 at 6:04

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