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I am trying to create an app that navigates from the rootViewController using UINavigationBar to the nextViewController which is UITabBarController or similar UIView with UITabBar with couple of UITabBarItems. So please suggest. Suggestions for both programmatic and using Interface Builder would be much appreciated. Thanks

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I'm trying to image what you're trying to produce so let me give two scenarios. A) The first view the user sees has a navigation bar but no tab bar. When they do some action they are taken to the next view which does have a tab bar. B) The first view the user sees has a navigation bar AND a tab bar. Are either correct? – monkybonk05 May 16 '12 at 13:06

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If you read the Apple' docs you'll see that it's clear that Apple think that UITabBarController's should only be used as the root view controller.

I believe the exception to this is perhaps where you have say an interim view controller for login before you enter the enter the app proper.

If you want a tabBarController type behaviour inside a navigationController based app then you should probably be using UIViewControllers with UIToolBars inside UINavigationController and not a UITabBarController.

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thanks for the suggestion. i could do it using UITabBars – Neo May 17 '12 at 7:06

I think that this post can help you. I'm trying to do a custom tab bar (like foursquare) with Storyboard...

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