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I have a PHP login / logout system. The code for the logout is as follows:

    setcookie('userName','', time()-60*60*24*100);
    setcookie('login','', time()-60*60*24*100);
    header("Location: index.php");

Users are being checked for login status via the following:

// If you are not logged in

As far as I can tell, this should log the user out, but it doesn't seem to do so. The site can be viewed at, and default login information can be used (admin, admin). This way you folks can see the issue. Login seems to work fine, but the logout doesn't run properly.

Thanks in advance!

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Since there are many ways to make an authentication system, I recommend you to explain and maybe put some code here about the login part. I doubt anyone can help you without those details – Ismael May 16 '12 at 5:20
the logout could be ok, but it depends how you check if an user is login... if you do it plainly with cookies like it seems from the logout code, that should suffice. What about sessions, anyway? Show us the way you check if an user is logged in. – ShinTakezou May 16 '12 at 5:24
@user1397727 I see you edited since answers came in. Did you try any? did any work? – MikeCruz13 May 18 '12 at 7:52
I have since discontinued this website, I moved the majority of my code without any major edit to on a Bluehost hosting account. I have issues with it still, and the current thread can be found at… – Martin Sheeks May 21 '12 at 17:12
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Try adding a path:

setcookie("userName", "", mktime(12,0,0,1, 1, 1970), "/");  

You might also get away with: unset($_COOKIE['cookieName']);

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used session instead of cookies, set the session when user login and unset/destroy session when user logout

    header("Location: index.php");
else if($_POST['submit']=='login')

hope this will help you.

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unset($_COOKIE[login]) and unset($_COOKIE[userName])


setcookie("login") and setcookie("userName")
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