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I have an android project that has the following dependencies:

  • jackson-core-asl-1.8.2.jar
  • jackson-mapper-asl-1.8.2.jar

Now, I'm trying to use the following AWS android library jars for uploading files to S3

  • aws-android-sdk-1.2.2-core.jar
  • aws-android-sdk-1.2.2-s3.jar

The problem is aws-android-sdk-1.2.2-core.jar contains compiled class files for jackson-core-asl-1.8.7 (which is not backwards compatible with v1.8.2).

How can I resolve this dependency issue?

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You could use jarjar to change the package of jackson-core-asl-1.8.2.jar, or migrate your project to 1.8.7.

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