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I have Environment.h file:

#include <windows.h>
#include "interfaces.h"


class Environment {};

and i have Interfaces.h file:


class IMoving {
        virtual void Move() = 0;          


in interface IMoving i would like to get an Environment class, to know how to move

class IMoving {
        virtual void Move(Environment*) = 0;          

if i want to do this i need to include environment.h

#include "Environment.h"

and here i'm getting an error, becouse Environment.h - includes Interfaces.h and Interfaces.h - includes Environtment.h. So how to make it work ?

Sorry for spelling mistakes

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For circular dependencies one can use Forward declaration(s)

In Interfaces.h just above interface definition, forward declare Environment as follows:

class Environment;

Then when you implement IMoving in a class, you will include Environment.h in its implementation file.

You can read more about Forward declaration here.

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Perfect - it solved my problem –  Mantas May 16 '12 at 8:45

It looks like you misspelled the class name a few times (Environtment,Envrirontment). Could that be the origin of your issue?

Otherwise I typically use the Forwarded Declaration

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