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The question seems to be basic but I would ask.

Is there a standard way to retain focus on the same field (where user was, before refresh) after page refresh in MVC3.

for simplicity purpose, I will take a simple scenario. scenario is like

I have three controls on a page.

  1. a textbox ---Name
  2. a dropdown ---Country)
  3. another dropdown---City (which loads cities from server based on the country selected in field 2 and this causes the page to refresh)

What I want,

the focus to be on Country field, after page refresh.

I hope, the question make sense.

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To achieve what you want, just use jQuery's .focus function (

You may want to consider loading your dropdown dynamically through jQuery or jQuery UI so that you don't get the page refresh.

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thanks for your reply. but, I think, there need to be something simpler solution, because in this case, if there are multiple controls on a page, which causes refresh. then I have to remember which control causes, the refresh, then I will be able write that jquery focus script. – Rab Nawaz May 16 '12 at 6:16
in that case use ajax, and fill your drop down list dynamically using jquery, and there won't be any page refresh at all. – pms1969 May 16 '12 at 6:54

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