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reading about the new Cache Abstraction in Spring 3.1, I wanted to apply this feature to my project.

Can I cache the call to a method that has no parameters?

public List<X> loadAllX() {

The linked blog post states

a cache lookup is performed using as key the method parameters

so it should not be possible to cache this method, right?

Short answer: Yes, methods without any arguments will get cached just like any other methods. I guess there will be exactly one entry in the cache for that method.

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You can override this behavior by using "Cache SpEL available metadata" as described here:

In your example, you could specify the following:

@Cacheable(value = "xCache", key = "#root.methodName") 
public List<X> loadAllX() { 

Which would cache the list of X in the "xCache" with key "loadAllX"

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