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I have 5 occurence of UL on a single page. So , when i mouse-over one image then the same effect runs of every instance of UL(i.e. it changes the HTML of all 5 occurences).

I want to execute the script on individual UL so that the effect runs on the respective UL where i mouse-hover instead of all of them.

Live code example : http://jsfiddle.net/5FPSc/

Thanks in advance. Any help / pointer would be of great help. / GSA


<ul class="answerOptions">
    <li data-score="0" data-answer="A" class="answer-1">
      <figure><img src="assets/images/styles/quiz/ques2_A.jpg" alt="" title="" />
        <figcaption>Dinner and a movie</figcaption>
    <li data-score="1" data-answer="B" class="answer-2">
      <figure><img src="assets/images/styles/quiz/ques2_B.jpg" alt="" title="" />
        <figcaption>2 words: Laser Tag</figcaption>
    <li data-score="0" data-answer="C" class="answer-3">
      <figure><img src="assets/images/styles/quiz/ques2_C.jpg" alt="" title="" />
        <figcaption>Stroll through the park and a picnic</figcaption>
    <li data-score="0" data-answer="D" class="answer-4">
      <figure><img src="assets/images/styles/quiz/ques2_D.jpg" alt="" title="" />
    <li data-score="4" data-answer="E" class="answer-5">
      <figure><img src="assets/images/styles/quiz/ques2_E.jpg" alt="" title="" />
        <figcaption>Art gallery and wine tasting</figcaption>
    <div class="answerItem-1"></div>


$('.answerOptions figure').hover(function(){
if($('figure').hasClass('selected') != true){
else {
$('.answerOptions figure').click(function(){    
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i dont get it, you want it to also have an effect on all of them at the same time? –  d-_-b May 16 '12 at 6:06
@iight no, i want to highlight one answer at a time for particular UL. If you see jsFiddle link, it is showing both options on the mouseover of available figure element. –  Gursimron May 16 '12 at 9:01

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Dont use class, use Id. class hover efects runs on all items, id can be only one on page.

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The reason they are all "popping up" is because of this line: $(".answerItem-1") you're selecting EACH and every .answerItem-1 and you have a bunch of those. You'd need to set unique identifiers. I would do something like this:

<figure rel="q1">
<div id="q1" class="answerItem-1"></div>

//jquery code
var q = $(this).attr('rel');  


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I think you should use objective concept, that make the LI tag has own event handler. Just take a look to below scripts and kindly be a reference to your codes.

$('ul.answerOptions').delegate('li.answer-1', 'hover', function(event) {

    if (event.type == 'mouseenter') {
        var $target = $(this).parents('div.question').find('div.answerItem-1');
        var showText = '';
        showText = $(this).find('figcaption').html();
    } else if (event.type == 'mouseleave') {
        var $target = $(this).parents('div.question').find('div.answerItem-1');
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