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I would like to create a general purpose template selector that I can add items to which will be evaluated from top to bottom, eg

    <SelectTemplateBasedOnType DataType="{x:Type SomeType}" DataTemplate="{StaticResouce Template1}"/>
    <SelectTemplateIfTrue Binding="{Binding Path=SomeProp}" DataTemplate="{StaticResource Template2}"/>

I've got the first part "SelectTemplateBasedOnType" working fine but the second part isn't working because I can't get the Binding to work. My class "SelectTemplateIfTrue" receives a binding object but I'm not sure how to get the value for the binding. Is there some way to call the binding or am I going at this the wrong way altogether?

Thanks in advance.

PS, the XAML above is pseudo xaml so if there are any errors in it this is not the issue.

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Potential duplicate of… – WPF-it May 16 '12 at 6:41
I'd say that link has some relevance but it is more a reference than a duplicate. – MikeKulls May 16 '12 at 21:15

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