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I have horizontal box consisting of 4 other boxes separated by splitters. I want to use splitter that looks like the tree-splitter (with no width), but whenever im trying to use it splitters dissapear and the collumns cannot be resized. Any ideas why? Or have you got any idea how can I implement a splitter that would look like one with id="folderpane_splitter" that has width probably 1px- this solution would be just perfect for me.

My code looks like:

     <hbox flex="10">
         <label value="name1"/>
     <hbox flex="20">
         <label value="name2"/>
     <hbox flex="30"">
         <label value="name3"/>
     <hbox flex="40">
         <label value="name4"/>

If anyone wonders I'm working on an extension for Thunderbird. Thank you very much in advance ;)

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I tried using the id="folderpane_splitter" in firefox but it didn't change look. Anyway perhaps you are looking for something like this?

<splitter style="-moz-appearance: separator;"/>
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id="folderpane_splitter" is in Thunderbird not Firefox, and you gave me a great hint- have to check something now :) Thanks a lot! – Artur Jun 30 '09 at 9:54
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<splitter style="background-image: none; width: 1px; min-width: 1px;"/>

gave me the apperance I needed. Probably not overriding min-width was blacking it from getting thinner.

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Trees have special code to make zero-width splitters work.

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