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Hi want to develop a windows phone application. I have vs2010 ultimate installed in my pc. I downloaded Windows Phone 7 SDK and started developing an application. But when i run the app from VS I'm getting following error:

Connection failed because of invalid command-line arguments

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This issue got resolved when i downloaded and installed Media Format Feature Pack for Windows 7 N with Service Pack 1.

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There are few reasons that prevent to connect with emulator as:

  1. Less RAM then required so I boost it.
  2. There may exists previous tools builds installed + uninstalled, you’ll have to manually delete the folder %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Phone Tools in order to get the emulator to work again.
  3. If the same thing occur when you create a blank application and run it, then hopefully it's just a faulty installation.

Restart the solution and after that if it does not work then In the mean time a developer seems to have found a workaround, see here at Windows Phone 7 Forum - Emulator won't launch; installation problem?

If you're having problem using an app but trying to develop one. If that is the case, I suggest you go the App Hub for additional help. This is where all the Windows Phone developers go for free resources, training and help.

Connection failed because of invalid command-line arguments. : WP7 Emulator
Connecting to Windows Phone 7 Emulator

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Check this link. Usually this error is thrown due to insufficient free memory in you dev PC.


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