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I’m relatively new to CI but I am enjoying it alot.

I have built a rather robust form that uses TinyMCE to fix the markup. One of my needs is to have images be uploaded rather than hotlinked.

I have attempted to run multiple different TinyMCE Upload plugins but all seem to have path configuration issues or Apache blocks whathaveyou.

When reading the CI documentation I seem to remember something about uploading but I don’t really follow it.

Is there something I’m not doing? Perhaps something with Routes or .htaccess? Is there a recommended TinyMCE upload method with CI?

Thanks in advance.

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the folder in which you are uploading the image should be placed at "public_html" not in any sub-directories. i.e the image upload folder should be in the parent folder

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actually it can be set anywhere on filesystem, as long as user privileges are set right. –  Tom Oct 11 '12 at 6:02

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