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Does anyone know of any tools capable of defining a declarative mapping from T-Box structures from one ontology to another, which when executed can effect translation of A-Box instance data from one ontology's form to another's?

I have recently written such a tool to meet my needs, but I was wondering if I reinvented the wheel.

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Is this a question or a statement? I suggest posting your tool, and see what happens. – TonyOssa Sep 21 '08 at 0:56
Sorry, it's a proprietary tool owned by my employer. I was just wondering if anyone knew of competing solutions in the same space from which I could glean ideas. – Kevin Pauli Sep 30 '09 at 15:14
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I've used SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries where I query on one model and construct new statements with properties from a different namespace. I save these and then load them into the target model. I have found this to be flexible but there are many places where I'd like to do additional processing on literals.

I have also wanted to use SWRL rules.

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Thanks, these are good suggestions which are actually part of the solution we've come up with. :) – Kevin Pauli Sep 30 '09 at 15:16

There is no such tool that I know of. Generally, you simply copy the tbox and abox definitions from one ontology to another, and write a transform tool.

I think this is the first ontology question I've seen on this site. I hope more people use the tag.

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