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Is there any existing codes that allows data to be retrieved from SQLite database and displayed it in graph? (I want the graph to be plotted x (integer headcount) against y (String department.) The following code only allows coordinates to be manually entered in the class file.

/** Called when the activity is first created. */
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    Vector<SeriesData> sds = new Vector<SeriesData>();
    SeriesData sd = new SeriesData();       
    sd.setData(new double[][]{{0,0}, {2, 2}, {4, 4}, {8, 8}});
    SeriesData sd2 = new SeriesData();      
    sd2.setData(new double[][]{{0,0}, {2, 2}, {4, 4}, {8, 8}}); = true;

    FlotDraw fd = new FlotDraw(sds, null, null);

    FlotChartContainer tv = (FlotChartContainer)this.findViewById(;
    if(tv != null) {

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