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I have a search page in an application developed using JSF / Oracle 11g / iReport 4.1.

Users select fields and records of employees are returned based on selected fields in a list further displayed in a data table on jsf page and finally user clicks on print and prints the listed records using jasper reports. This is happening all fine. Now I want to ask, if user select certain check boxes against the search values and wants the JasperReports to show only those selected fields..then

  • is that possible in JasperReports?
  • if yes...just a slight hint how to go about that?

Thanking in advance

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Yes, it is possible.

You can do it with help of JasperReports API or DynamicJasper API.

You can find a lot of samples for DynamicJasper API using this link.

And you can also look at this sample for JasperReports API

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