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I have a problem in determining when the audio.play() method done in playing mp3 file.

i have this code ..

audio.play("HelloWorld.mp3", {onComplete=print ("Done!")})

but when the mp3 starts, it will also print "Done!", i try also to put Duration but it will do the same.

i just want to print "Done!" when the mp3 is done playing. can anyone can help me about this?

and also how can I get the duration of an mp3 file in lua? in my case i just look-up to the mp3 file manually and input it in my code..

thanks in advance ...

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Please could you change the music :-/ –  Grokodile May 16 '12 at 7:22

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now i get it i just put...

local songCompleted = function(event)   
  if event.completed then   
    print ("Done!")

audio.play("HelloWorld.mp3", {onComplete=songCompleted})
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