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Im looking for a game or challenge which is similar to RoboCode or Scalatron. I am not interested in challenges like Project Euler where i get points for solving a specific problem. I am looking for the direct competition. I am aware of http://sumost.ca/steve/games/ but sadly there are no python based projects. If you have any recommendations please share them with me.

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RoboCode has .NET support you could always write in IronPython? –  Andrew Barrett May 16 '12 at 7:48

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And what about aichallenge?

Sponsored by Google, the type of competition that you search for, and loads of languages available. They provide a sample application that works, and you have to increase your ant's intelligence by yourself.


Provided you post, I think you'll love it :)

BTW, found this on Hacker news yesterday

Why not play, code and find a job at the same time ^^

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Scalatron has a RESTFUL Web API https://github.com/scalatron/scalatron/blob/master/Scalatron/doc/markdown/Scalatron%20APIs.md#scalatron-restful-web-api

This means you could play using Python over the API.

I am also interested in this kind of game and have considered creating my own. I would rather let players play over a RESTFUL API to allow flexibility of playing with whatever language they choose.

As for using IronPython it seems this user had no luck: Robocode + Python

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