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I have a url in string format like this :


and some other like str=""      

i want to extract from first one, and from second string .

what i did is :

var a, d, i, ind, j, till, total;

a = document.createElement('a');

a.href = "";

d = "";

if (, 4) === "www.") {
  d ="www.", "");
} else {
  d =;

till = d.indexOf(".com");

total = 0;

for (i in d) {
  if (i === till) {
  if (d[i] === ".") {

j = 1;

while (j < total) {
  ind = d.indexOf(".");
  d = d.substr(ind + 1, d.length);


My code works but it works only for ".com" , it doesnt work for others like "","" till i specify them manually , Can anyone tell me the solution for this ? I dont mind even i need to change the full code, but it should work . Thanks

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The only current practical solution (and even that doesn't work 100%) is to refer to the Public Suffix List in your code, and synchronise with that list as required.

There is no algorithm that can look at a domain name and figure out which part is the "registered domain name" and which parts are subdomains. It can't even be done by interrogating the DNS itself.

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