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I have a list of elements (integers) and what I need to do is to quickly check how many elements from this list fall within a specified range. The example is below.

range is from 34 to 566

l = [9,20,413,425]

The result is 2.

I can of course use a simple for loop for the purpose and compare each element with the min and max value (34 < x < 566) and then use a counter if the statement is true, however I think there might be a much easier way to do this, possibly with a nice one-liner.

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>>> l = [9,20,413,425]
>>> sum(34 < x < 566 for x in l)
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Clever but not intuitive. –  Maria Zverina May 16 '12 at 10:16

len([x for x in l if x > 34 and x < 566])

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well i am not sure this is nice, but it's one line ;-)

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