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i have an swf file, uploaded in server. But whenever I make changes to the files, uploaded and replace the old one, I go to browser, clear cache and everything, refresh the page, but it still load the old swf file. (Do you know what I mean?)

But after 10 - 20 hours, I visited the page again, it loaded the new one.

Is there anyway to load the new swf without having to wait for 10 - 20 hours?

(my last option is renaming the swf, which works immediately. But for some reason, renaming is my very last option, I would like to know if there are anything I can do before I rename the file.)

Here are the list of what I tried to do to load new swf:

  1. Clear browser cache

  2. Clear dns cache (ipconfig /flushdns)

  3. Include header in html meta pragma no-cache (forgot the formula, cuz i copied from internet)

  4. Rename the swf (which works immediately)

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Looks like you need to add some extra stuff to the URL that points to the SWF. Write a function like this (PHP)...


    function swfURL($url2swf){
        return $url2swf . "?random_number=" . rand(1,9999);


Or do something similar with javascript. The random number on the end of the url will be ignored, but it will make whatever is caching the result think it's loading something new.

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it's way better to append the timestamp of the swf's upload instead of a random number. if you choose the random approach you will get a new swf every time and that's a bit overkill. –  grapefrukt Jun 30 '09 at 8:30
nah, a random number is the way to go, because it's the only way to ensure you PULL the newest version of a file. if you append the timestamp, then you have the SAME problem as before... downloading the SAME file, even though the file has changed –  Triynko Nov 7 '09 at 0:56

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