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This is a little different than all the other Rails 3 redirect https questions out there. Let me explain.

In order to publish our site with Phusion Passenger we had to create a subdomain and use a symlink (or softlink or alias) from the www/rails folder to /home/user/app/railsapp.

In order for the HTTPS to work (because of various domains issues) we need to have a rewrite mod that actually creates this route:

Notice the trailing /rails route.

This route does not exist on our app. So what I need is a way to redirect anything that comes in with that route to:

So I thought I'd do this, in the routes.rb file have this:

match '/rails' => 'sessions#redirect_to_login'

In sessions_controllers.rb:

  def redirect_to_login
    redirect_to login_path, :status => :moved_permanently

This results in the app complaining that it can't find /rais/login/ so it's still seeking that /rails bit.

If I add something like redirect_to "/" which in turn will send you to with a redirect when you're not logged in, I'll get an error of too many redirects in the browser.

redirect_to login_url didn't do the trick either.

It gets a bit more complicated in the sense that whenever I'm using the https protocol for that site, it will append that /rails route so I need a way to remove it from all the links. For example, will get translated to

Either remove the /rails or redirect all https traffic to http except for the login page.

I'm sure there is a relatively easy fix for this, but I can't figure it out.

Help is appreciated.

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