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As implied by Are URLs to doxygen pages permanent, URL in doxygen are not permanent.

So, how do you hyperlink deep content (ex: a specific function) in doxygen from an external site/doc ?

(For now, hinting the user on using the search box from the home seems an adequate workaround)

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Links are based on the function signature, so they persistent indeed (under the condition that SHORT_NAMES is set to NO, which is the default).

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According to this thread:

Doxygen does generate persistent links already (unless SHORT_NAMES is set to YES).

This is from the creator of doxygen (who might want to chip in here with his own, more definitive answer than mine). So it seems that you can safely assume that your URLs should not change, unless you change the names of your classes/functions of course.

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+1. Thx ! Oh, and i'm sorry, but I accepted the answer from @doxygen, for obvious reasons. –  Steve Schnepp May 18 '12 at 14:22

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