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Let us define that "Standard Paging" which means that paging mechanism provided my either Gridview (ASP .Net 2.0) or ListView (ASP.Net 3.5)


Custom paging - (Paging Control outside the control) - which does not retrieve the data from server not more than 1 Page of records (page - control page size usually 10-15records))

Would like to know the reasons for the standard paging looks fast (Development Environment) compared to custom paging.

Online sample which used same database with million of records. goto this url http://aspspider.info/sahridhayan

1.ASP .Net 2.0 GridView + Standard Paging (All data fetched every time) TestWithOutCustomPaging.aspx

2.ASP .Net 2.0 GridView + Custom Paging + Paging Control outside grid + only Page of records retrieved. TestListDataControl.aspx

3.ASP .Net 3.5 ListView + Standard Paging (All data fetched every time) Simple35/SimpleListview.aspx

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Custom paging is a headache. you may get some speed through optimization, profile it and implement it only iff its absolutely necessary.

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Part of the question about performance analysed here.


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