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I have an application written in .net winforms.

There is a form that shows the author of the document, I am required to add the Lync presence orb next to the authors name.

The same as the one you can see in Outlook when add a contact to an email.

Is there a prebuilt winforms control for this presence orb?

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I have found the answer, tho I am unable to post it for another 5 hours. –  Cogslave May 16 '12 at 12:06

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Microsoft have made available a set of WPF controls that make it very easy to add things like presence into existing applications. I blogged about it last week here: http://thoughtstuff.co.uk/2012/05/microsoft-lyncs-development-secret-its-easy/

However, this is only for Silverlight and WPF. If you're developing in classic WinForms, it's possible to host WPF controls within a WinForms app: MSDN has information on doing this here, and there's a good walk-through here.

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There is a WPF control called Presence Indicator. You have to use the ElementHost object to embed it in a standard WinForms Application.

A code snippet showing what worked for me.

public TestForm()
    ElementHost lyncHost;
    lyncHost = new ElementHost();
    PresenceIndicator lyncControl = new PresenceIndicator();
    lyncControl.Source = "sip:j.smith@example.com";
    lyncHost.Child = lyncControl;
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