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I have a list of string values that I would like to autoformat but vim breaks the strings if there is a space inside of it.

Can this be fixed somehow?


    "sdasda", "asdasdasd", "afasfasf", "asdasda asdasd", "asdasd"


    "sdasda", "asdasdasd", "afasfasf", "asdasda
    asdasd", "asdasd"

but I want

    "sdasda", "asdasdasd", "afasfasf",
    "asdasda asdasd", "asdasd"

Extra bonus: It would be nice for it to support different string formatings (Python, ". ' and """)

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There might be a trick using the syntax information for formatting, but this is above my vim skills. People hanging out on vim_use will probably find this one easy to answer. – Lumi May 16 '12 at 9:48
It might be worth noting that I need it to support different string representation (python programmer so need support for " ' and """) – Sedrik May 16 '12 at 9:51
@Lumi I will give them the link to the question =) thanks – Sedrik May 16 '12 at 9:52

This can be implemented via a custom 'formatexpr' (that checks for an unclosed string quote before the cursor, and then performs the reformatting from that position instead of the insert position).

However, I haven't seen any custom 'formatexp' in my many years of Vim use, so unless something turns up here or on vim_use [archives], you probably have to implement such a thing yourself (which is non-trivial if you also want to support re-formatting via gq, and requires a decent knowledge of Vimscript).

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