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I am trying to assign a variable with type 'long long' to a type NSUInteger, What is the correct way to do that?

my code line:

expectedSize = response.expectedContentLength > 0 ? response.expectedContentLength : 0;

where expectedSize is of type NSUInteger and return type of response.expectedContentLength is of type 'long long'. The variable response is of type NSURLResponse.

The compile error shown is:

Semantic Issue: Implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'long long' to 'NSUInteger' (aka 'unsigned int')

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You can do an explicit cast, or did you know this and is your question about more than the "how"? Here's the line with the explicit cast: expectedSize = response.expectedContentLength > 0 ? (NSUInteger)response.expectedContentLength : 0; – Clafou May 16 '12 at 10:31
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It's really just a cast, with some range checking:

const long long expectedContentLength = response.expectedContentLength;
NSUInteger expectedSize = 0;

if (NSURLResponseUnknownLength == expectedContentLength) {
    assert(0 && "length not known - do something");
    return errval;
else if (expectedContentLength < 0) {
    assert(0 && "too little");
    return errval;
else if (expectedContentLength > NSUIntegerMax) {
    assert(0 && "too much");
    return errval;

// expectedContentLength can be represented as NSUInteger, so cast it:
expectedSize = (NSUInteger)expectedContentLength;
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< 0 check is not correct. The value -1 means "no expectation that can be arrived at regarding expected content length" (see NSURLResponse.h) – Dmitry Isaev Mar 27 '13 at 15:30
@Dmitry added case to example. it's a very specific implementation detail, which would have been caught. it was meant to demonstrate the process, rather than be a perfect and complete implementation (it still is not). – justin Mar 29 '13 at 3:02

you could try the conversion with NSNumber:

  NSUInteger expectedSize = 0;
  if (response.expectedContentLength) {
    expectedSize = [NSNumber numberWithLongLong: response.expectedContentLength].unsignedIntValue;
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