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I'm new to SQL Server. Currently I'm working on an existing source code and I have some unclear point the stored procedure

For examples:


CREATE PROC [dbo].[My_Stored_Procedure_1]
    @ID INT,
    UPDATE query...
    PRINT 'ID is ' + CAST(@ID AS VARCHAR(10))


CREATE PROC [dbo].[My_Stored_Procedure_2]
   EXEC @RESULT = My_Stored_Procedure_1 // Unclear point

My question is that, I don't see any return value from the My_Stored_Procedure_1, so what will be returned to @RESULT variable? Maybe a default returned value of the executed stored procedure?

Thank you very much.

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In SP 2 just add SELECT @RESULT below EXEC @RESULT = My_Stored_Procedure_1 and see what get's returned –  Barry Kaye May 16 '12 at 9:50
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@Result will have default value that was passed while executing the Stored Procedure My_Stored_Procedure_2.

The statement EXEC @RESULT = My_Stored_Procedure_1 will execute with error and terminate the execution of My_Stored_Procedure_2 because you have not passing two input parameter to My_Stored_Procedure_1 sp while calling this.

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sorry, typing mistake :P –  Xitrum May 16 '12 at 10:22
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