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I have a large Java Project (almost 2 GB). This project runs perfect with Netbeans 3.6 as it compile files as user wants (Press F9), but when I import that project to New Netbeans 7, it goes to auto build and then Heap size Error and Netbens stop working. How can I import old Netbenas 3.6 Project in New IDE. I am ok with any New Modern IDE not only Netbeans 7.

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How could you end with 2GB of source? A lot of images? How much "real code" you have in there? – Eugenio Cuevas May 16 '12 at 10:14
This project is very old and real code is around 1 GB, And as old Netbeans create class file at same place of java file. So Source size with Java + Class file is 1.7 GB – Zaid Chauhan May 16 '12 at 13:28

I do not know how it can be solved. But the most important thing is.

It is an anti-pattern if any project build depend on IDE support.

Consider using popular build tools like maven or ant.

So, make required modification to use maven/ant. And get the any kind of IDE's build support without any hassle!

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On a separate note (from Kowser's) you could try manually setting heap sizes in your Netbeans netbeans.conf


Perhaps your old config already had such settings and your new install didn't preserve them?

Further, Netbeans discontinued suport for Swing Application Framework perhaps your code had such dependencies.

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