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Is it possible to merge cells in Org-mode tables?

Examples of horizontal merging would be something like that:

| Header | Merged header |
| Text1  | Text2 | Text3 |
| Text4  | Text5 | Text6 |

Example of vertical merging:

| Header1 | Header2 | Header3 |
| Merged  | Text1   | Text2   |
| text    |---------+---------|
| here    | Text3   | Text4   |

If that is somehow possible in org-mode? If not, what is the most idiomatic way to simulate merged cells?

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I really wish they'd add this feature... – labyrinth Jan 11 '13 at 1:10
I wish I could up-vote the last comment twice... – Dror May 12 '13 at 9:42
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It is not possible with org-mode tables. However, have a look at table.el package (included with emacs for some time so try: C-h d table). Org-mode has some support for tables from this library, e.g. when exporting, but don't expect full compatibility.

As for simulating merged cell, it depends on what you want. Inlining text strings in the same cell might be enough for computation/publication, but not for visualisation.

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