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I am trying to get a Java desktop application to pull some data from a Microsoft SQL-Server 2008 Database. Netbeans database explorer can generate Entity classes from database tables, but I was unable to get this feature working. Normally, when you conect to a database, you see something like this:Netbeans Database Explorer View

I entered the database URL, username and password, and the connection was established. But when I tried to explore the tables, they were all empty. Instead of the nice tree above, I was just given a list of empty Schemas. Mutlitple user names were tried, all had the same issue. Since there was no schema on the database matching the username, a number of different schemas were displayed for me to choose. Regardless of which one I chose, when I expanded it nothing showed up inside the Table, or the Views.

To verify that the useranema and password did have access to the tables I am interested in, I wrote a short Java method to connect to the database and display the ResultSet for a query. It worked as expected. Why was the netbeans database explorer unable to find the tables?

I was hoping to use this tool to generate Entity classes with Netbeans, but apparently Microsoft SQL erver won't have it. I am using netbeans 7.1; documentation for the database explorer tool is found on db.netbeans.org

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Yesterday I had the same problem with JDBC driver from Microsoft. I tried another one, the project jTDS (available on SourceForge). It could solve my problem. Some forums recommend always to use this driver because it is much faster.

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Were you able to explore the database and generate entity classes? –  Thorn Aug 26 '12 at 10:42
Yes, I was able to explore the database, but I didn't try to generate entity classes. I suppose Microsoft JDBC driver's database metadata methods were not implemented, that's why normal queries work fine, but there are problems with DB exploration. –  Timur Aug 27 '12 at 19:43

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