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I have acutaly access to an closed beta of an online application developed with silverlight 5. Within there's a feature, showing some 3D scenes. There have been used XNA for the 3D. From a windows-pc all work fine. But when I test it from an Mac with OSX the Silverlight-App works fine, too. But not the 3D feature. In upper left corner there's a information showing: "Render Mode: Unavailable" and "Reason: "Not3DCapable". So I pushed this example to my IIS. This time from Windows all is fine but when trying to access from OSX (Firefox) it starts to load Silverlight but after showing 100% nothing happens. The scene is not shown.

Does anyone has any clue, what to do to support mac?

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The 3D features of Silverlight 5 require directx, and do not support OSX at this time. See the Q&A at the end of this session.

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Thanks a lot for your answer Jewel. Do you know any possibilities to work around this? Are there any platform idependend 3rd-party APIs for 3d, similar to the build-in? –  germanSharper May 24 '12 at 14:16
After watching the whole film on your liked site I found something surprising: At 52:30 someone from the audience asks: "Mac support? ...Are you offering that?"... the answer of Aaron Oneal was: "So...*gulp*... you know, we have... windows.. uhm... obviously we have XNA across ... multiple windows devices, that's realy what we are prepared to talk about today... but, you know: of course. Of course we are looking into mac. We understand that this is very important for a lot of our customers." The question after that, points to the same and Aaron oneal, repeats his kind of "definitely maybe" ;) –  germanSharper May 24 '12 at 16:11

Unfortunately I found some other websites like this Blog (see the 3. FAQ) and this Blog (see comments) whose say the same: 3D doesn't work on mac. Sadly Microsoft seems to keep this fact officially secret. Found this Page where I had expected to read something like "3D not supported". Isn't this sad? I thought Silverlight should be platform independent? I hope they will change their mind and add a support for OpenGL or something like that.

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