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I have this

 course_id  | total marks | year  
   1              50         1   -------> I want to remove this from the sum               
   2              50         1
   3              50         1  
   1              100        2  

I really have no Idea how to do this ,

I have 3 distinct courses , and I want to get sum of total marks but with a distinct course_id considering the max number of year , the result should be 200 , thank you in advance

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You need to use a subquery to determine the maximum year for each course, then join that with the table again to obtain the marks:

SELECT SUM(`total marks`)
FROM   `table`
    SELECT course_id, MAX(year) AS year
    FROM   `table`
    GROUP BY course_id
  ) AS y

See it on sqlfiddle.

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As simple as this:

                    SELECT   total_marks AS m
                    FROM     table AS t
                    WHERE    year = (
                                     SELECT MAX(year) 
                                     FROM   table
                                     WHERE  course_id = t.course_id
                   ) AS v
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