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I am trying to have a menu with the different link pages, based on a user's role. Using a master page with a asp:menu navigationMenu which is created with just one link, then based on a user's role mode links are added.

Menu menu = masterPage.FindControl("NavigationMenu") as Menu;

MenuItemCollection menuItems = menu.Items;

MenuItem menuItem;

switch (role)
    case "Level 1":          
    case "Level 2":
         menuItem = new MenuItem("Auditing", "", "", "~/Auditing.aspx");
         menuItem = new MenuItem("Team Manager", "", "", "~/TeamManager.aspx");

This only works for the current page. If a link is clicked on the menu then that new page only has one link that the master page ads at runtime. Is there a way to actually update the "navigationMenu" asp:menu values so that they are persistent throughout the site?

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Using a sitemap with SecurityTrimmingEnabled = "true" is a good solution.

Two other alternatives to consider are:

  • Move the code to build the menu into the Master Page.

  • Create a base class (public class BasePage : System.Web.UI.Page) and inherit all your pages from that base class. Put the code to build the menu into the base class.

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thanks for assist –  sd_dracula May 16 '12 at 12:34

I think you should consider using sitemap with asp.net menu. If you set securityTrimmingEnabled="true" it should be able to automatically show/ hide menu items based on the roles.

This link would give an idea

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Yes I was thinking about that but I am using NetSqlAzMan for the role management so I'm not sure how easy that is to implement with the above. –  sd_dracula May 16 '12 at 12:33

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