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It is a simple question but i don't see what i am doing wrong. I am Working in R with accession numbers like variable a

a <- c("NM_020506.1","NM_020519.1","NM_001030297.2","NM_010281.2","NM_011419.3", "NM_053155.2")

To get information from the biomart package I need to remove the .1 ect. after the accession numbers. I normally do this with this code:

b <- sub("..*","",a)

[1] "" "" "" "" "" ""

But as you can see, this isn't the correct way for this variable. Can anywone help me with this? Thank you all!

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You just need to escape the period:

a <- c("NM_020506.1","NM_020519.1","NM_001030297.2","NM_010281.2","NM_011419.3", "NM_053155.2")

[1] "NM_020506"    "NM_020519"    "NM_001030297" "NM_010281"    "NM_011419"    "NM_053155" 
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You could do:

sub("*\\.[0-9]", "", a)


str_sub(a, start=1, end=-3)
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Alternatives: str_replace(a,"\\.[0-9]","") and str_replace(a,"\\..*","") –  Paolo May 17 '12 at 15:29

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