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I'm making a Flex mobile application with Flash Builder 4.6 And I have a question for a function I want to implement.

I have a declaration:

<s:HTTPService id="getXMLFile" fault="trace('No CCR found!')" result="getPatient(event)"
                       resultFormat="object" url="assets/CCR1.xml"/>

But this only points to one file and this has to be typed in. Already now how to change the url and do the request again.

getXMLFile.url = "assets/CCR2.xml";

But I want to have some sort of function to check all the files in the "assets" package and to this code part for each file. So I want something like this:

for(var file:string in assets) {
getXMLFile.url = "assets/" + file;


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As far as I know, there is no tools for this in actionscript. You need to specify filenames in some variable(Array) to dot this. – Japi May 16 '12 at 16:49

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        //Create one xml having all URL, which you can parse on Flex side. Collect all URL in Array (ex:- fileArray), 
        //than you can loop it. You can call parseXML on creationComplete of your application.
        private var fileArray:Array = new Array();
        private var count:int = 0;

        //Collect all URL in this fileArray.
        private function parseXML():void
            //parse XML and puch URL in fileArray
            // xmlLength var is xml length.
            var xmlLength:int;
            for(var i:int;i<xmlLength ;i++)
                var URL:String = "";
                //URL = parse Value from XML; 

        private function sendRequest():void
            getXMLFile.url = fileArray (count);

        private function getPatient(event:ResultEvent):void
            //If Success request for Next Patient

        private function faultHandler(event:FaultEvent):void
            //If fault request for Next Patient 

        private function requestForNextPatient():void
            //Request for Next Patient
            if(count > fileArray.length)


    <s:HTTPService id="getXMLFile" fault="faultHandler(event)" result="getPatient(event)" resultFormat="object" />

This may help you.....

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