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I created a new gem: https://github.com/tntwebsolutions/ts3query

In my init.rb file I require the main lib file, this should autoload the gem when the rails application is loaded. But when I start the server it seams that the init.rb file gets not loaded.

In my application I have this in my Gemfile:

gem "ts3query", "~> 0.2.1"

And do this in my application_controller.rb:

@query = TS3Query.connect :password => password

But then I get this error:

uninitialized constant ApplicationController::TS3Query

If I do this:

require 'TS3Query'
@query = TS3Query.connect :password => password

It does works. But I can't figure out, what I have to change at my gem to load the require 'TS3Query' when the rails application is loaded.

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init.rb is not called anywhere for anyone, rename your file from TS3Query.rb to ts3query.rb and bundler will load it automatically for you.

Avoid using names with upper and lower case charaters, Linux and some Macs have case-sensitive file systems and while it works for someone might not work for everyone else.

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It's because of how you named your TS3Query.rb file in lib. For it to automatically get required, it needs to be the same name and case as the gem, ts3query.rb. You've got three options to fix this:

  1. Change the file name to ts3query.rb in your gem
  2. Add a ts3query.rb file to your gem and have that require 'TS3Query'
  3. change your Gemfile to gem "ts3query", "~> 0.2.1", :require => "TS3Query".
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