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I wanna prepare jcoverage report for my unit tests by using ANT and eclipse. I'm using

  • Apache Ant(TM) version 1.8.3 compiled on February 26 2012
  • selenium-server-standalone-2.20.0
  • junit-4.8.1.jar
  • eclipse sdk 3.6.1

i tried as mentioned in this link here.

but i'm not able to succeed.please provide if any documents are available or make me clear how to prepare report.

my ant file:

 <?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE project [
   <!ENTITY start_stop_selenium SYSTEM "start_stop_selenium.xml">
   <!ENTITY properties_build_clean_compile_report SYSTEM  "properties_build_clean_compile_report.xml">

<project name="Run Selenium Tests" default="all_selenium_tests" basedir=".">

        <property name="libs" location="lib" />
        <property name="build.dir" value="${basedir}/build/"/> 
        <property name="build.classes.dir" value="${build.dir}/classes"/> 
        <property name="build.test-classes.dir" value="${build.dir}/test-classes"/> 
        <property name="build.instrumented-classes.dir"  value="${build.dir}/instrumented-classes"/> 
        <property name="build.coverage.dir" value="${build.dir}/coverage"/> 
        <property name="build.reports.dir" value="${build.dir}/reports"/> 
        <property name="lib.dir" value="lib"/> 
        <property name="src" value="src"/> 
        <property name="src.dir" value="${basedir}/src/java"/>  
        <property name="test.dir" value="${basedir}/src/test"/>

<!-- Corresponding Jar file for the Jcoverage.-->
        <path id="jcoverage.path"> 
            <fileset dir="${lib.dir}"> 
                <include name="jcoverage-1.0.5.jar"/> 
                <include name="log4j-1.2.9.jar"/> 
                <include name="bcel-5.1.jar"/> 
                <include name="jakarta-oro-2.0.7.jar"/> 
                <include name="java-getopt-1.0.9.jar"/> 

   <path id="junit.class.path">
     <fileset dir="${lib.dir}">
        <include name="ant-junit.jar"/>
        <include name="jcoverage-1.0.5.jar"/> 
        <include name="log4j-1.2.9.jar"/> 
        <include name="bcel-5.1.jar"/> 
        <include name="jakarta-oro-2.0.7.jar"/> 
        <include name="java-getopt-1.0.9.jar"/> 
        <include name="junit-4.8.1.jar"/>
        <include name="selenium-server-standalone-2.20.0.jar"/> 
        <include name="jetty-repacked-7.6.1.jar"/> 
        <include name="org.mortbay.jetty-6.0.0alpha2.jar"/> 
        <include name="httpclient-4.1.2.jar"/>
        <include name="httpcore-4.1.3.jar"/>
        <include name="httpmime-4.1.2.jar"/>
        <include name="selenium-java-2.20.0.jar"/>
        <include name="selenium-java-2.20.0-srcs.jar"/>
        <include name="logging-selenium-1.2.jar"/>
        <include name="poi-3.7-20101029.jar"/>
        <include name="robotframework-"/>
        <include name="saxon-8.7.jar"/>
        <include name="jxl.jar"/>

        <target name="init"> 

            <!-- <delete dir="${build.dir}"/>
             <delete dir="${build.classes.dir}"/>
             <delete dir="{build.test-classes.dir}"/>
             <delete dir="${build.coverage.dir}"/>
             <delete dir="${build.instrumented-classes.dir}"/>
             <delete dir="${build.reports.dir}"/> -->

            <delete dir="${build.dir}"/>
            <mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/> 
            <mkdir dir="${build.classes.dir}"/> 
            <mkdir dir="${build.test-classes.dir}"/> 
            <mkdir dir="${build.coverage.dir}"/> 
            <mkdir dir="${build.instrumented-classes.dir}"/>
            <mkdir dir="${build.reports.dir}"/> 

        <target name="compile" description="compile all classes"> 
                <javac srcdir="${src.dir}" destdir="${build.classes.dir}" failonerror="yes" debug="yes"> 

        <target name="instrument" description="Add jcoverage instrumentation"> 
            <instrument todir = "${build.instrumented-classes.dir}"> 
            <ignore regex="org.apache.log4j.*"/> 
            <fileset dir="${build.classes.dir}"> 
            <include name="**/*.class"/> 

            <target name="test" description="Unit test the application"> 
                <javac srcdir="${test.dir}" destdir="${build.test-classes.dir}" failonerror="yes" debug="yes"> 
                <classpath refid="junit.class.path"/> 

                <classpath location="${build.classes.dir}"/> 
                <junit fork="yes" dir="${basedir}" errorProperty="test.failed" failureProperty="test.failed"> 

          <!-- note the classpath order, instrumented classes are before the original (uninstrumented) classes. -->

                <classpath refid="junit.class.path"/>
                <classpath location="${build.instrumented-classes.dir}"/> 
                <classpath location="${build.classes.dir}"/> 
                <classpath location="${build.test-classes.dir}"/> 

           <!-- the instrumented classes reference classes used by the jcoverage runtime. --> 

           <classpath refid="jcoverage.path"/> 
           <formatter type="xml"/>  

           <batchtest todir="${build.reports.dir}" > 
           <fileset dir="${build.test-classes.dir}"> 
           <include name="**/*Test.class"/> 

    <taskdef classpathref="jcoverage.path" resource="tasks.properties"/>

          <target name="coverage" description="HTML and XML coverage reports can be found in build/coverage"> 
                <report srcdir="${src.dir}" destdir="${build.coverage.dir}"/> 
                <report srcdir="${src.dir}" destdir="${build.coverage.dir}" format="xml"/>  
                <echo> jcoverage reports have been generated. The HTML report is ${build.coverage.dir}/index.html The XML report is ${build.coverage.dir}/coverage.xml </echo> 

  <target name="all_selenium_tests" description="The Main Target for running all tests">
        <antcall target="init"/>
        <antcall target="compile"/>
        <antcall target="instrument"/> 
        <antcall target="test"/>
        <antcall target="coverage"/>

my junit class:

import org.junit.Before;
import org.junit.Test;
import org.openqa.selenium.server.SeleniumServer;

import com.thoughtworks.selenium.DefaultSelenium;
import com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleneseTestCase;
import com.thoughtworks.selenium.Selenium;

public class sample extends SeleneseTestCase {
static Selenium selenium;
public void setUp() throws Exception {

      SeleniumServer seleniumserver=new SeleniumServer();
       selenium = new DefaultSelenium("localhost", 4444, "*firefox", "http://www.google.com");


public void testjcoverage() throws Exception{




selenium.type("id=USER","labcorp" );
selenium.type("id=PASSWORD","Labcorp" );


console error:

Buildfile: E:\jcoverage\jcoverage\refactored-param-build.xml
[taskdef] Could not load definitions from resource $(lib.dir). It could not be found.
[taskdef] Could not load definitions from resource $(lib.dir). It could not be found.
[taskdef] Could not load definitions from resource $(lib.dir). It could not be found.
[taskdef] Could not load definitions from resource $(lib.dir). It could not be found.

E:\jcoverage\jcoverage\refactored-param-build.xml:25: The following error occurred while executing this line:
E:\jcoverage\jcoverage\refactored-param-build.xml:96: Problem: failed to create task or type instrument
Cause: The name is undefined.
Action: Check the spelling.
Action: Check that any custom tasks/types have been declared.
Action: Check that any <presetdef>/<macrodef> declarations have taken place.

Total time: 125 milliseconds

please provide a solution.

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What problems did you run into when following the instructions on the linked page? –  Attila May 16 '12 at 12:23
hi Attila, i added all my stuff here.please make me clear. –  Manigandan May 16 '12 at 13:15
the taskdef says is cannot find $(lib.dir) you used the wrong paranthesis in the taskdef. It needs to be ${lib.dir} –  oers May 17 '12 at 11:52
@ores i changed all those things now i am getting jcoverage report.but it always showing 0% coverage only and i am not able to run my unit tests. i added my ant file and unit test file above it may help you to clarify me. –  Manigandan May 17 '12 at 11:58
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The error informs you that the javac compiler cannot find the junit jars. Although you specify the junit.class.path as the class path in the compiling ant target, that classpath contains references to the ${libs} property that is not defined anywhere in the build.xml

Also, you should move the property definitions (like lib.dir) before you use them (e.g. before the definition of jcoverage.path that references ${lib.dir})

Note: you can see the classpath used by either calling ant with the -verbose option or calling the <echo>${junit.class.path}</echo> task before the <javac> task

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thanks for the response. I'm corrected my mistake.Now i'm able to generate my jcoverage report.but, all the time it showing 0% coverage only. My unit test was just compiled but it was not running.please make me clear. –  Manigandan May 17 '12 at 7:20
I think the problem is that the junit task's <fileset> element refers to the ${src.dir} directory, which has no *.class files (the link you mentioned lists ${build.test-classes.dir}) –  Attila May 17 '12 at 9:23
i tried that one too, but i'm not success.the report showing 0% coverage only. –  Manigandan May 17 '12 at 11:36
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