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In JQuery ajax Get I am using the following,

                    var htm = $.ajax({
                      type: "GET",
         url: "http://localhost/cake_1.2.1.8004/index.php/forms/getFormEntry",
                     async: false

    var myObject = eval('(' + htm + ')');


My cakePHp code for geFormEntry is


    <?php foreach ($formid as $r): 

      array_push($data, array('id' => $r['Form']['id']));


    echo json_encode(array("attributes" => $data));


My alert(htm) shows


I want to get the attributes id -21.. For that I have used the myObject but showing the error as missing ) in paranthetical

Please suggest how to do so?

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You want to be using jQuery's built-in JSON support. Also, you probably don't want to be using synchronous Ajax. Try the following; the function will be called once the Ajax request is complete, and you will have access to a JavaScript object as "json" in the function.

$.getJSON("http://localhost/cake_1.2.1.8004/index.php/forms/getFormEntry", function(json) {
  // access to object here as "json". No need to mess with eval
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