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Using the Box 1.0 REST API, I am trying to work with the functions in SOAP UI.

The API doc for get_managed_users with user_id=12345 (internal id retrieved with get_user_id call correctly) is returning all the users. The docs say that would be the case if you do not specify a user_id value. But my full command is: (Token and API key changed to protect the clueless)


Now I could work with the complete result list, but that won't scale as we get thousands of users into the system.

I can make a call with edit_managed_user, using the same user_id value and the change is reflected in the UI, and in the next get_managed_users call. Thus I do have the correct user_id value, I would so assume.

I tried testuser@gmail.com as the user_id value as well, and get the entire list back. This leads me to believe that somehow I am sending user_id wrong, but I just do not see it.

Any hints? Why, with what seems like a valid user_id value is it acting like it is absent or incorrect?

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Most likely you have either called this method with an invalid user_id, or one that is not in your set of managed users. Can you double check that the user comes back in your list of already managed users?

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Yes I get the requested user, with the correct number in the response. And I made it as my co-admin account in the Box UI to test. And I can modify it as I noted above which proves I have it correct. –  geoffc May 16 '12 at 16:41

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