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How to programmatically load an XLL file into Excel when it is linked to other DLLs. Using c# winforms application + Excel Automation I’m creating Excel Application object. Then I’m using:

bool bXllLoadSuccess = _excelApp.RegisterXLL(_pathXll);

It is OK when XLL is self-contained. The problem occurs when it depends on other DLLs. Even when I put them into the same folder Excel doesn’t want to pick them up. I tried to do following before loading the XLL but it doesn’t help:

_excelApp.DefaultFilePath = Path.GetDirectoryName(_pathXll);

I have tried this one as well:


Dependency walker shows no issues – all required files are in the same folder with the XLL. Any ideas?


UPD: I tried copying all requried dlls into a folder and then added it's path to PATH variable. Didn't help :)

UPD2: I tried to change current directory for both c# app and Excel application object at the same time. Didn't help :(

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Does it work when you File -> Open the .xll? Does it work from VBA using Application.RegisterXLL? –  Govert May 16 '12 at 15:04
Yep... It does when I add it by hands. Haven't tried with VBA though... let me try... –  Bashir Magomedov May 17 '12 at 8:00
Is the xll perhaps built with managed code (Excel-DNA / ManagedXLL / Add-In Express or similar)? If so, probably a .NET CAS issue when calling from VSTO. Some posts here: groups.google.com/group/exceldna/…; –  Govert May 17 '12 at 8:40

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