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So, im trying to create a pacman game in SFML, i created a class named fant for my ghosts, im trying to pass a sf::Image has a parameter in my class, but it seems that I got a variable without a value, cause it load a blank image, but it has the same size (18x18 pixels) of the image im trying to load.

My class is

class fant {
    void SetX(int i);
    int GetX();
    void SetY(int i);
    int GetY();
    void SetDX(int i);
    int GetDX();
    void SetDY(int i);
    int GetDY();
    void Sprite(sf::Sprite i);
    sf::Sprite GetSprite();
    void Image(sf::Image i);
    int posx,posy,dirx,diry;
    sf::Sprite sprite;

void fant::SetX(int i) { posx=i; sprite.SetX(posx); }
void fant::SetY(int i) { posy=i; sprite.SetY(posy); }
void fant::SetDX(int i) { dirx=i; }
void fant::SetDY(int i) { diry=i; }
void fant::Sprite(sf::Sprite i) { sprite=i; }
void fant::Image(sf::Image i) { sprite.SetImage(i); }
sf::Sprite fant::GetSprite() { return sprite; }
int fant::GetX() { return posx; }
int fant::GetY() { return posy; }
int fant::GetDX() { return dirx; }
int fant::GetDY() { return diry; }

and thats a function that create a new object

void addf() {
    int t=fa.size()-1;
    fa[t].SetX(684); fa[t].SetY(18);

If i use

void fant::Image(sf::Image i) { sprite.SetImage(f1); }

it sets the "f1" image. (a global sf::Image)

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oh, im sorry, I dont even know about this, thanks for the tip – Mete May 16 '12 at 14:01
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class fant {

sf::Sprite GetSprite()
   return sprite;
void LoadImage(std::string path);
int posx,posy,dirx,diry;
sf::Sprite sprite;
sf::Image image;


void fant::LoadImage(std::string path)
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