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Hy well how does the url looks when you use a PageID and at the same time want the count of all comments and likes back I tried it hard way

$feed_profile = $facebook->api('/'.$row[0].'/feed&access_token=$access_token&limit=500',"get");
$post_profile = $facebook->api('/'.$row[0].'/comments?access_token=$access_token&limit=500',"get");

also tried comments& instead of comments?

I dont know how to get back the comments and likes what must I exactly do my var $row[0] stores various Pages from fb

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the feed has connections EG: comments, likes that provide the count.

    $feed_profile = $facebook->api('/'.$row[0].'/feed&access_token=$access_token&limit=5',"get");
// get comment/like count for first post in array.  this can be done with a loop.
    echo 'Comments: '.$feed_profile[data][0][comments][count].'<br />';
    echo 'Likes:    '.$feed_profile[data][0][likes][count].'';

NOTE: you will have to account for error handling, when no comments or likes have been made the connections arrays do not exsist

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feed seems deprecated for a Page I can get the data but for a thread ID I cannot use the api call to get back all messages without OAuth crashing up the system –  malick May 22 '12 at 8:03

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