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So I have spent 48 hours on this and I cant get it right!

I am writing Java using 64-bit BlueJ program. I am using 64-bit MS Windows 7 I am trying to connect to MS Access 2010 (x86/x64)

The following shows my code to make a connection:

         * Makes connection to FIREPLACES Database.
         * @return 0 if connection to FIREPLACES database is successfully made, 
         *           otherwise returns -1 if there is a problem making a connection 
         *           to the BOOKS database.
        static public int makeConnectionToFireplacesDB()

                        // Make connection to Database
                        connectionToFireplacesDB = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:FIREPLACES");
              catch (SQLException exception)
                        return (-1);    // Return back with -1 if there is a problem 
                                        // making a connection

              return (0);   // Return back with 0 if connection is made to database

          } // end makeConnectionToBooksDB()

The name of the access file that I am connecting to is called FIREPLACES.mdb.

After having trouble and trauling the interweb for a solution I discovered that I needed to create the connection using the odbc driver through windows/SysWOW64/odbcad32.exe.

I did this but it still gave me the same problem!

I felt it must be a x86/x64 so I installed x86 operating system on a different hard drive but still, the same problem!

The screenshot below shows me trying to create the connection on the odbc driver:

trying to use odbc driver

I really cant think of any more information I can provide.

Any help really would be magnificent! I am stuck in a major rut from this...

Thank you

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Do you mean that your method returns -1? If so, it would be helpful to actually print the Exception instead of ignoring it (insert exception.printStackTrace(); before return -1;. It will give you some information about why the connection failed. –  assylias May 16 '12 at 14:12
@assylias do I do this by returning exception.getErrorCode() instead of -1? I am on very new ground here –  Phil May 16 '12 at 14:13
There is no ODBC bridge driver for 64-bit Java. You're out of luck. –  duffymo May 16 '12 at 14:14
@duffymo even with JDK 64 bits / Access 64 bits? –  assylias May 16 '12 at 14:16

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For this question, well for me, the answer was simple, whack 32-bit onto a partition and try again... Worked fine then!

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