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I want to store 'status updates' in mongodb. Therefore this collection/array can get very big.
I think one option would be to save the documents in an array nested in the user/group/... document.(Different collections need their own 'status updates')
The other way would be to create another collection save the messages their and relate the user/group/... to the status updates via another objectId
I want to know

  • what is faster
  • what is easier to administrate and query

I think I'm not going to use an orm/drm just "plain" pymongo.
I haven't found any clear answer in the docs, maybe someone already tested this?

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This is an older presentation, but still relevant for these kinds of questions, and discusses some of the tradeoffs.

TLDR(W) - it depends how many updates is "very big", and how you're accessing them. If you always need to access the full set at once and they're < 16MB, you can embed, if you generally need only a few at a time you can link. There's also a hybrid approach which is to embed recent and link the rest.

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