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I'm trying to make a search in a list in Prolog, but I would like to start right at a certain position. Will I have to do that boring recursive search?

Thank you.

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Lists are sequential in Prolog. Unless you have a reference to a mid-list position, you can't access it except by sequential beheading (AKA "that boring recursive search"). –  Amadan May 16 '12 at 14:34
Thank you very much! –  Francisco de Gusmão May 16 '12 at 14:44

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you can Skip N positions using N free_vars, and append/3 to get rid of list' header:

?- [user].
|: find(Needle, Haystack, Skip) :-
|:       length(Header, Skip),
|:       append(Header, Actual, Haystack),
|:       memberchk(Needle, Actual).
|: % user://1 compiled 0,04 sec, 2 clauses

?- find(3-X,[1-alfa,2-beta,3-gamma,4-delta,1-abba,2-bridge],1).
X = gamma.

?- find(3-X,[1-alfa,2-beta,3-gamma,4-delta,1-abba,2-bridge],3).

?- find(3-X,[1-alfa,2-beta,3-gamma,4-delta,1-abba,2-bridge],2).
X = gamma.

If there are many search to to, the list build length(Header, Skip) it's better done once...

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