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I have a list of AutomationPattern objects retrieved from the AutomationElement.GetSupportedPatterns() method. And now I need to know what kind of patterns are there, I mean is the single item InvokePattern or ExpandCollapsePattern. To be more specific let's assume we have an AutomationPattern object and we know that the ProgrammaticName property of this object is the "InvokePatternIdentifiers.Pattern" string, can I somehow get object of type InvokePattern?

I have implemented my own way of solving this problem using AutomationPattern.ProgrammaticName property and a big switch statement, is there another way to do this?

Here is my implemetation:

    public object GetActualAutomationPattern(AutomationElement element, AutomationPattern pattern)
        switch (pattern.ProgrammaticName)
            case "DockPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(DockPattern.Pattern) as DockPattern;
            case "ExpandCollapsePatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(ExpandCollapsePattern.Pattern) as ExpandCollapsePattern;
            case "GridPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(GridPattern.Pattern) as GridPattern;
            case "GridItemPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(GridItemPattern.Pattern) as GridItemPattern;
            case "InvokePatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(InvokePattern.Pattern) as InvokePattern;
            case "MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(MultipleViewPattern.Pattern) as MultipleViewPattern;
            case "RangeValuePatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(RangeValuePattern.Pattern) as RangeValuePattern;
            case "ScrollPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(ScrollPattern.Pattern) as ScrollPattern;
            case "ScrollItemPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(ScrollItemPattern.Pattern) as ScrollItemPattern;
            case "SelectionPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(SelectionPattern.Pattern) as SelectionPattern;
            case "SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(SelectionItemPattern.Pattern) as SelectionItemPattern;
            case "TablePatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(TablePattern.Pattern) as TablePattern;
            case "TableItemPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(TableItemPattern.Pattern) as TableItemPattern;
            case "TogglePatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(TogglePattern.Pattern) as TogglePattern;
            case "TransformPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(TransformPattern.Pattern) as TransformPattern;
            case "ValuePatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(ValuePattern.Pattern) as ValuePattern;
            case "WindowPatternIdentifiers.Pattern":
                return element.GetCurrentPattern(WindowPattern.Pattern) as WindowPattern;
                return pattern;
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I'm not entirely clear on what your goal is with this code. Why can't you just do something like object patternObj = element.TryGetCurrentPattern(pattern); and then just test whether or not the type is what you want: if (patternObj != null && patternObj is InvokePattern) {...} –  Chaser324 May 27 '12 at 20:10
@Chaser324 thanks, this is exactly what I need, somehow to extract the actual pattern from AutomationPattern object –  haynar May 29 '12 at 8:02

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You can just do something like:

object patternObj = element.TryGetCurrentPattern(pattern);

and then just test whether or not the type is what you want:

if (patternObj != null && patternObj is InvokePattern) {...} 
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Just officially adding this as a response rather than a comment. –  Chaser324 Jul 28 '12 at 1:15

I Hope this will help you.

/// <summary>  
/// Gets the toggle state of an element in the target application.  
/// </summary> 
/// <param name="element">The target element.</param>  

private bool IsElementToggledOn(AutomationElement element)
if (element == null)
    // TODO: Invalid parameter error handling. 
    return false;

Object objPattern;
TogglePattern togPattern;
if (true == element.TryGetCurrentPattern(TogglePattern.Pattern, out objPattern))
    togPattern = objPattern as TogglePattern;
    return togPattern.Current.ToggleState == ToggleState.On;
// TODO: Object doesn't support TogglePattern error handling. 
return false;

I have taken this from here

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