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I am very new to AppleScript. I am writing a bash script and I need the user type a CAPTCHA. I am trying to use AppleScript to show a dialog with the CAPTCHA image (a simple .png image) and a text input box to the user and then get the result.

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AppleScript’s native dialog display facilities (aka display dialog and display alert) are rather limited and won’t allow you to display an image, unless you define it as an OS X icon file (.icns) of the right size, which might not be very practical for a captcha.

However, there is at least one alternative I am aware of: Carsten Blüm’s Pashua will allow you to create native Cocoa dialogs containing both textfield and image elements. As these are defined in a DSL and created by Pashua, they can be used straight from a shell script (no need to interpose AppleScript – check out the documentation and example shell script distributed with Pashua).

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great answer. I will never (or lost a lot of time) to discovery it. This program is what I need :) –  Rodrigo May 16 '12 at 19:35

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