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I want to upload a file. I want to use ExtJs and struts1.I am hunting for the result for last two days. No I am running out of time. Even though I posted in this forum I failed to get the result.

After searching a lot I understand that it is very simple to integrate struts and EXTJS .

I can't trace out where I am wrong. I know people hear are experts and at the first sight itself they can sort out.

OK let me explain my problem

My below code without Extjs is working fine My HTML code

<table> <tr class="fieldlabel"> 
<td align="left">
 <html:file property="theFile"/>
 <font color="red">
 <td align="center" colspan="2">
 <htmlubmit>Upload File</htmlubmit>

My struts Action class

public class UploadAndSaveAction extends Action

{ private Logger logger = LogManager.getLogger(UploadAndSaveAction.class);
 public ActionForward execute( ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception{

My struts-config xml file

<action attribute="UploadFileFormCsDoc" name="DynaFormBean" path="/apse-projectmgmt-portlet/FileUploadAndSaveCsDoc" type="com.bmtap.apse.projectmgmt.action.UploadAndSaveCsDocAction" scope="request" input="/jsp/view.jsp">

 <forward name="success" path="/jsp/project_costingsheet1.jsp" redirect="true"/> 

<forward name="failure" path="/jsp/project_costingsheet1.jsp" redirect="true"/> 

They above code with html is uploading file..But I want to upload it using EXTJS. where my problem starts. My ExtJS code

var csDocPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({ 
standardSubmit: true,
 title: 'Costing Sheet Documents',
 width: 970,
 bodyStyle:'padding:5px 5px 0',
 defaultType: 'textfield', 
method: 'post', 
 [{ id:'sendFileFieldId',
 name: 'sendFileField', 
labelStyle: 'martin:5px;
inputType: 'file',
 border: false }], 

[{ text: 'Submit', 
handler: function(button, event) 
{ csDocPanel.getForm().submit({ 
 method:'POST', failure: function() { Ext.Msg.alert('Error', 'Can not save data.'); } }); } }] }); 

instead of action:'/apse-projectmgmt-portlet/', I used 1. url:'/apse-projectmgmt-portlet/',

  1. url:'/apse-projectmgmt-portlet/', action : this.url 3. Code:

    csDocPanel.getForm().getEl().dom.action = '/apse-projectmgmt-portlet/';

          csDocPanel.getForm().getEl().dom.method = 'POST';

Now I don't know how to proceed further.....

I am en counting following problems 1. page is refreshing and nothing is happening for the point 2 2.getting error message 404 /apse-projectmgmt-portlet/ can't find My understanding is i am giving URL wrongly or something wrong with struts config and calling action/url place...But don't know how to rectify ....

please help me...

I can't align properly sorry

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possible duplicate of integrating struts and extjs –  Janak Nirmal May 17 '12 at 4:55
Don't post duplicate questions. Edit your questions please. –  Janak Nirmal May 17 '12 at 4:56

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