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I have a video_file.mp4 and I know that the mdat atom contains H.264 frames. Also I have a H.264 codec lib in my project. So, am I right that if I put mdat raw data into my lib's byte * decode(byte * data, int timeMsec) method I'll get a decoded frame? Or I need additional operations? Thanks!

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There are two common H.264 bitstream packing formats. 1. Annex B 2. MP4. For MP4 the packing mode is different and usually decoders prefer Annex B but not always. MP4 is length prefixed and Annex B contains start codes. Some MP4 unwrappers will convert the bitstream to Annex B but not all. Outside of the different packing formats – if your mp4 file contains any other streams – like – audio – your entire approach is not going work. The mdat box contains all streams interleaved.

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