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okay so I was messing around with the relatively new Ajax Html Editor Extender (NOT Ajax Html Editor) and I've got a problem with it.

Basicly what I want to get is the height of the Editor via javascript but it will not tell me what the height is no matter what i do. The reason why i need the height of the editor is because it is inside a div (a wrapper div) with relative position. and i need that div to "follow" the editor but the editor just "jumps" out of the div, like shown in image below:


I have tried in many ways to get the height of the editor: - with the id of the textbox that ive put the extender on (returns 16) - and many other ids that i saw in DOM code of my page. - but none of them will tell me the real height.

then i looked at the source code for ajax toolkit and there are class names like:



and so on...

but trying go get those heights with jQuery only returns null.

So my question guys is how do i get the height of the actual editor, or how do i make it relative, so it will (in one way or the other) be followed by the wrapper div?

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okay i found the height using id=globalcontent_admincontent_HtmlEditorExtender1_ExtenderContentEditable... So with that i can control the wrapper height... thx anyways – Brunkage May 17 '12 at 16:29

Okay apparently I could use this id to get the height of the edittable:


All though not the best way as I see it, because then u have to set wrapper height all the time with javascript - but a solution none the less...

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